Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Miami

No one wants to be accused of a crime in Miami. However, once it happened to you, what will you do to defend yourself? Yes, you should find the right criminal lawyer Miami. You may have no idea where to start. In this site, you can find 3 things to consider when hiring a lawyer in Miami for a criminal case. Here you go!

Determine Whether You Are Eligible for Legal Representation

First thing first, you should ask yourself whether it is worth investing time and money to represent a particular attorney. You can consider about the severity of the charges and also the evidence against you. Mostly, criminal lawyer Miami has better experience with certain types.

Do Your Research on Qualified Criminal Lawyer Miami

Narrow your search to a few qualified criminal lawyer Miami. You should interview prospective law firms. Considering their experience with different types of criminal charges and how much they charge for representation is necessary.

You can also question the attorney for a free initial consultation. It is recommended to find criminal lawyer Miami who is familiar with the court system where your case appears. Don’t hesitate to ask about other cases he may be working on that might distract them from you. You may need to hold a motion hearing or settlement conference on a short notice.

Document and Everything Related to the Incident and Alleged Crime

Gather all evidence that your criminal lawyer Miami can use to support your version of events. They are such as photographs, police reports, recordings, medical records, and so on. You can also use witness statements from witnesses who heard or saw what happened.

It will be better if you write down anything you remember. Somehow, the police has not identified certain objects at the scene or other people who were present.

What to Ask to Criminal Lawyer Miami before Hiring?

Before hiring criminal lawyer Miami, there will be some questions that you need to ask. Their answer will bring you to conclusion whether they are qualified or not. Here the questions list:

How Long You Have Practiced Criminal Law?

Consider someone with experience in criminal law. Usually, lawyers may advertise themselves as criminal law experts. However, some of them are not dealing with criminal cases on a daily basis. Ask lawyers how many years they have practiced criminal law. Their experience and track record will help them to win your case.

What is Your Area of ​​Expertise?

You should clearly ask them what types of criminal cases they usually handle. They are various crimes such as crimes, fraud, and petty crime. It is recommended to consider hiring a law firm that handles your type of case.

Do You Offer Free Initial Consultation?

Some criminal lawyer Miami will want to start billing you from the start. When on your first meeting, you should ask if they offer a free initial consultation. The right criminal defense attorney will offer a free consultation. A good lawyer will also take the time to listen to you. Once it happens, it is the best time to discuss your case and ask any questions you have about the process.

How do You Approach the Case?

Another question to ask is how they will handle your case. Two defendants may be tried for the same type of charge. However, it doesn’t mean lawyers will use the same approach. You should ask your attorney about their approach in your case. Their answers will give you an insight on what to expect. You can also compare their approach to other cases or other legal advices.

Will You Be a Lawyer on My Case?

Like it or not, some attorneys you meet during your free consultation may not be the one who will work on your case. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Ask them and ensure you meet the attorney who will represent you in your case. If they are not the one, you should ask to see another attorney.

Have You Handled Similar Cases Before?

Every case is unique. It is important to ask if they have handled similar cases in the past. You can also ask about the results they have had for their clients. Ask whether the lawyers get similar charges dropped, and what plea deals have they negotiated in a similar case.

How long do You Think This Case Will Take?

Believe it or not, criminal cases can take months, moreover years depending on the situation. Before you start, ask your attorney how long they expect your case to last. The time spent on your case depends on factors. They are including indictment, evidence, previous criminal record, trial, and so on.

Criminal Lawyer Miami experience in your state court can help them provide an estimate. Here, your case may take longer or less time than your criminal attorney might expect.

What are the Potential Results in My Case?

An experienced criminal lawyer Miami can provide an overview of your options about the potential results in your case. You need to provide a fully detailed account of your case and related events. Otherwise, your attorney will find it hard to provide a tangible potential outcome in your case. Bring all the information and documents related to your case to your consultation.

How Much Will I Pay for a Criminal Defense?

Before hiring criminal lawyer Miami, know how much they will charge to defend your case. Your criminal attorney may charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. It is better to ask for an estimate that includes potential costs.