Pay Stubs Template: How to Create Your Own Pay Stubs?

What is Pay Stubs Template?

Pay Stubs template is an instant document that has certain layouts of pay stubs where the user can edit in order to use it by need. A pay stub is a form of proof of salary or payment for a worker. The importance of a pay stub is to provide clarity on how much salary is received from the company or workplace.

The additional component is a form of income that is additional in nature. These include the main wage, fixed allowances, attendance allowances, overtime pay, and bonuses. The two components above directly influence the final nominal amount of income to be paid by the company to employees. So employees will see all data and results of their final payment on the paycheck.

What are The Importance of Pay Stub for Employees?

  • Pay stubs are a form of official and legal proof of payment for employees

The importance of pay stubs given to employees is a notification that the fulfillment of their rights to work in the form of wages has been paid. There will be indicated the date the wages were issued and paid because this document was created together with the payroll schedule. With this pay stub, the most important benefit is avoiding disputes over the fulfillment of wage rights when there are complaints from employees who claim not to have received them.

  • As a Form of Proof of Income from Employees

Apart from being a valid proof of payment and also proof of employee work income. Pay stubs can be used for various purposes, one of which is for credit. So the important side of the pay stub here is to help creditors in knowing their ability to pay or even determine whether they are borrowed or not.

  • As a Form of Transparency in Calculating Employee Salaries

Each pay stub issued will include a detailed calculation of the employee’s income. The importance of pay stubs is to provide transparency in the calculation, including deductions and extras given.

  • To Support Companies in a Pay Transparency System

The issue of salaries in companies in Indonesia is confidential and transparent as if it is still foreign to hear. The importance of pay stubs here is that they are no longer a confidential company document, but information that is valid and can be accessed by all employees.

Step by Step on How to Make a Pay Stubs with Pay Stubs Template

You can start following the steps if you want to make your own pay-stubs in an easier way. There will be some aspects that you have to include to make a proper one. Here you go!

  • Step #1: Write Company name

The initial component that forms and must be on the pay stub is the name of the company, agency or institution as the party issuing the pay stub. This will be a validity point or entry that the pay stubs are indeed issued from a company for their employees.

  • Step #2: Mention Document confidentiality Statement

The sentence that always concerns the confidentiality of the paycheck is usually “private and confidential”. This statement shows that not everyone outside the parties concerned may know these confidential documents. So the pay stub is only issued to the person concerned.

  • Step #3: Type the Date When Payment Was Made and Employee Data

An example of a pay stub also includes information in the form of the date of payment of salaries to employees as well as employee data including name, employee number and Taxpayer Identification Number.

  • Step #4: Add Description of the Amount of Salary and Details

One more thing that must be included in the sample company pay stub is the amount of the employee’s salary, complete with details, namely additional or deductions imposed on employees.

Pay stubs will be printed every month and given to employees as a written report. However, there are also companies that use electronic pay stubs which can be sent to each employee’s competing account.