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What is Patch Quest?

Patch Quest is an action-adventure game that allows players to explore colorful worlds, solve puzzles, and battle monsters. Through their journey, players can collect special items called “Patches” which can be used to upgrade their character. Players can also explore various mini-games and side-quests to further enhance their experience.

What is the Plot of Patch Quest?

Patch Quest follows the story of a young adventurer who is tasked with gathering the lost Patches in order to restore balance to the world. Along the way, they will meet a variety of characters and creatures, all of whom will help them on their quest. The ultimate goal is to restore the world to its former glory.

What are Patches?

Patches are special items that can be found throughout the world of Patch Quest. They can be used to upgrade a character’s stats, unlock new abilities, and even grant access to new areas. Collecting Patches is key to progressing in the game and overcoming the challenges that await.

What are the Features of Patch Quest?

Patch Quest features a variety of environments to explore, from lush forests to desolate deserts and more. Players can also engage in turn-based battles with monsters and bosses, as well as explore various mini-games. Additionally, Patch Quest includes an in-game shop where players can purchase items and upgrades to further customize their experience.

What Platforms is Patch Quest Available On?

Patch Quest is currently available on PC and Mac. It is also available for Android and iOS devices.


What is the objective of Patch Quest?

The objective of Patch Quest is to collect the lost Patches in order to restore balance to the world.

Do I need to purchase in-game items?

No, players can explore the world and battle monsters without purchasing any in-game items.

Can I play Patch Quest with friends?

Yes, Patch Quest supports both local and online co-op.

Is Patch Quest available for consoles?

No, Patch Quest is currently only available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.