Wiem, że każdy obawia się zakupu poprzez internet spoglądając tylko na zdjęcia. By zdobyć trochę Waszego zaufania, poniżej możecie przeczytać opinię ludzi, którzy już coś ode mnie zakupili 🙂

Magda K.

Prześliczna, unikatowa i bardzo dokładnie zrobiona biżuteria- zwłaszcza bransoletki, które są bardzo dopracowane. Precyzja w każdym calu. Niezwykle krótki czas oczekiwania- zaledwie kilka dni, co nie zdarza się u innych projektantów. Pani Agnieszka to prawdziwa artystka.

Katarzyna P.

Niepowtarzalna, jedyna w swoim rodzaju piękna biżuteria ręcznie robiona.Każdy detal mega dopracowany. A do tego każda rzecz oryginalnie zapakowana. Gorąco polecam,zadowolenie z zakupu gwarantowane🙂


absolutely LOVE both things ive gotten from you. beautiful, beautifully crafted the first necklace is still one of my very favorites. Its kept specially in my jewelry box for special occasions. lovely lovely thank you again 8)

il 170x135.1220811464 9sto Opinie

Martha Forrest

Fabulous as usual ! Very happy with my purchase or my many , many purchases . Doing business with you is a joy ,always .

il 170x135.1224707510 e8kl Opinie

Love it ! Fits great and super comfortable . Love your pussyhats , all of them . Once again I am a very happy customer . Thanks again for such wonderful customer service and such quality work .

il 170x135.1224709084 4z5h Opinie

 Absolutely beautiful ! Thanks again for everything . Perfect as usual . The best customer service and perfection in your creations . Once again a very happy customer .. I highly recommend your Etsy shop to everyone who loves beautiful works of art because that’s what your jewelry is .

il 170x135.1271928015 iea3 Opinie


Beautiful earrings just as pictured! Came in a cute box.

il 170x135.1061145540 j01j Opinie

Martha F.

 Love this one ! It has become one of my favorites. Once again I am a very happy customer ! I love your shop it is one of my absolute favorites. I highly recommend you and your shop. Everything you create is made to perfection. Thanks once again and you know I will be back . I always come back because you , your great customer service and most of all your beautifully made to perfection jewelry and hats .

il 170x135.1224708322 10s2 Opinie

Another beautiful bracelet from one my absolute favorite Etsy shops . Thank you again so much ! The intricate beading with such tiny beads is amazing . The colors are gorgeous and as I’ve said many times, the customer service is EXCELLENT . I highly recommend this Etsy shop .

il 170x135.1253588057 mk8k Opinie


Very cool. Fits perfectly and arrived so quickly. Thank you!

il 170x135.1159540655 jojm Opinie

Martha F.

I just love my one of a kind chainmaille bracelet . It fits perfectly . It’s so unique looking , almost like there is little tiny garnets secretly wrapped in each delicate looking chain of brass . It’s beautiful and I am very happy with my purchase . It was hard to choose , with so many interesting , unique , one of a kind , beautiful looking pieces to choose from . The craftsmanship is absolutely amazing and perfect . Once again this Etsy shop knocks it out of the park . Another home run ! Everything I’ve purchased from this shop has been of the most absolute highest quality craftsmanship and once again I am a very happy customer . Thanks again ! I highly recommend this Etsy shop . It’s one of those rare shops where both the pieces sold and owner/customer service is of the hiqhest quality . A 10 star shop !!

il 170x135.1206362028 1fhs Opinie

I really love my custom Pussyhat . The little pink & white stripes are perfect & make it look so spring time . The way you handled the opening for a bun at the top with a button to close it when not in use was brilliant and looks good too . Your constantly amazing me at your problem solving skills and design answers to the custom designs I ask you to make for me with no idea how you will accomplish it . You never say no you can’t and what you come up with is always perfectly lovely . I have grown quite a collection of Pussyhats but this, is one of my very absolute favorites . The customer service you offer is excellent for many reasons : your easy to work with , kind , never say „I can’t ” , answer all inquiries promptly , stay in touch until package is delivered & I’m satisfied , delivery is always on time . HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!

il 170x135.1192101121 96c3 Opinie

Autumn A.

I absolutely Love it! Seller was very easy to work with and shipped quickly.

il 170x135.1193135216 1wlk Opinie


Very nice bracelet, with great workmanship. Nice seller. Will be back.

il 170x135.1160051022 781j Opinie


 Superior Craftsmanship. Beautiful Big Labradorite Necklace and earrings. Superior service, sale, shipping and style. Stars, Stars and more stars!!

il 170x135.1234949599 jqir Opinie

Martha F.

This is my one of my top 3 absolute favorite shops . One that deserve 10 stars not five. .The owner ,artist makes everything to perfection to please her customer . Everything she created for me including this hat is exactly what I wanted and expected . Everything is made with the highest quality material , nothing cheap and is made without error or at least none I can ever find . When I purchase something from her shop I know I’m getting quality and perfection . She is very kind , professional and helpful, willing to go the extra mile to make the customer happy . More than willing to try custom new ideas just for you .I’m beginning to believe you could ask her to make anything for you and she would figure it out . Her best quality is she aims to please making the customer very happy with what she created for them .

il 170x135.1179456605 2ald Opinie

I absolutely love my bracelet . It’s gorgeous ! It is hard to see the intricate detailing from the picture but in person it is truly amazing how perfect it is . The long hours of weaving something with such an intricate pattern using such tiny seed breeds is such a wonder to me . When I’m wearing it I imagine the time , effort and caring it took to create this beautiful piece of art I’m wearing on my wrist . It makes it very special . The shop owner aims to please and made mine custom with a turquoise background instead of pink . She is very prompt to answer any questions ,extremely helpful and very professional. Taking great satisfaction in making sure the customer is happy with her creations .It is an excellent shop ,one I highly recommend and an absolute favorite of mine . It deserves 10 stars !

il 170x135.914166117 shnt Opinie


The bracelet was beautifully made and the workmanship was excellent. Nice person to do business with.

il 170x135.720888091 b6gb Opinie

Elenice F.

Great shop! Highly recommended.

il 170x135.1107550475 4jm6 Opinie


Beautiful!!-thank you

il 170x135.576873173 89u8 Opinie


Ich habe mir da etwas ganz schönes gekauft, DANKE !!! Auch der Versand sehr schnell !!!

il 170x135.1060977216 fec3 Opinie

Pattie Mc.

Very pretty beaded flower earrings. I am so pleased with my order. Thank you.

il 170x135.1043146672 rrpz Opinie

Toppy Toppy

 This piece is wonderful!! Much better than the picture shows, I’m very pleased.

il 170x135.1029801520 t87x Opinie

 Carol Hunter 

 This is one of two necklaces that I have purchased. The attention to detail is amazing ! I love both necklaces and have received many compliments.

il 170x135.1066280333 p4ef Opinie

Beautiful ! A work of art ! Attention to detail !

il 170x135.1019485176 tks9 Opinie


Absolutely gorgeous!! Loveeee it

il 170x135.1066020007 ldgl Opinie


Elegant Beaded Stone Necklace set made to perfection. Very attractive, attention to detail. Superior sale, shipping, service and especially made with care and love. Very beautiful! Unique and Exquisite!!

il 170x135.1073253143 cro8 Opinie


Beautifully made. I’m very pleased with this necklace. I’ve worn it and received many compliments. I will purchase from you again.

il 170x135.1005854120 n1to Opinie


 Love the vibrant colors and beautiful workmanship in tour beadwork , will enjoy wearing this piece for years to come. P.S. Your prices are amazing, so affordable.

il 170x135.1008441695 gnjv Opinie


Beautifully design with style and superior quality. Superior service, sale and shipping. This is a beautiful set… Truly Superior Craftsmanship!

il 170x135.1030003995 tm5u Opinie


Wonderfully made

il 170x135.1008441393 9fsw Opinie


 It arrived a couple days early. She also adds a complimentary gift. 🙂

il 170x135.1008444375 5nlu Opinie


Beautifully crafted. Awesome craftsmanship and superior sale, service and shipping. Thank you… it’s PERFECT….

il 170x135.832968966 k24g Opinie

susan rossi

The necklace is lovely. I appreciate the time and craft that went into making it. It arrived quickly in a lovely box with a gift of a pair of earrings! Would make a nice gift.

il 170x135.935363662 d8o8 Opinie


Beautiful labradorite necklace and earring set. Superior service, sale and shipping. This truly is a beautiful set and when the sun hits it — oooh my!

il 170x135.995095837 gsmj Opinie


Very pretty! Thank you.

il 170x135.935362296 iker Opinie

Lovely!!! Thank you!

il 170x135.935112951 avu9 Opinie


Like a magic carpet around your wrist, this beautiful bead cuff bracelet adorns it with elegance and wonder. Truly one-of-a-kind, crafted with expertise.

il 170x135.935113273 6qy9 Opinie

I didn’t own any bracelet in this cuff style and decided to try one from this shop. I’m so glad I did — lovely design, gorgeous colors, high quality materials, well-made, and it drapes nicely over the wrist. I like it so much I came back for a 2nd one!

il 170x135.935112337 4tiq Opinie


Very pretty!! Thank you!!!

il 170x135.741693078 r6ul Opinie

Chew Xin Yi

I had ordered several of this design bracelet but in different colors. This shows how much I loved seller’s work. Her artistry is top notch and her prices are very reasonable as compared to other sellers. I would order again and again from her. Highly recommending this shop.

il 170x135.931525765 lsxv Opinie


Beautiful Bracelet !! Quickly shipped and packed perfectly !! I highly recommend this wonderful shop for affordable ,Beautiful handmade items !!

il 170x135.920511424 m6px Opinie


A wonderfully made necklace that is a work of art, beautiful with a unique quality. Highly recommend this artisan in jewelry.

il 170x135.920511786 iucj Opinie


It is very beautiful. I bought this for my daughter’s wedding to wear with my evening gown.

il 170x135.906267177 l1kh Opinie


Beautifully done. Exception sale, service and shipping. Thank you so much! Very much appreciated.

il 170x135.911667758 oa5f Opinie

Beautiful Aurora necklace set. Beautifully created, sale, service and shipping. Thank you so much! Very vibrant — simply elegant.

il 170x135.898358027 hvi2 Opinie

Beautiful Turquoise Agate Stone necklace set. Beautifully created, sale, service and shipping. Thank you so much! Very vibrant — simply elegant.

il 170x135.898359807 r3xg Opinie


Beautiful bracelet, and smooth transaction!

il 170x135.869488981 n6w1 Opinie

Chew Xin Yi

Like I said before, I simply adored this style of bracelet. Never tired of it since this is my third one but with different colour. This seller comes highly recommended by me.

il 170x135.869722898 t9ds Opinie

  Beautiful bracelet. Colors are vibrant and not too over the top. Just perfect for me.

il 170x135.869489347 6vet Opinie

I loved this design so much that this is the second piece I bought from seller but with a different colors. This showed how much I loved her work. Never tired of this particular piece. She always include a free gift with her parcel. Much appreciated. Strongly recommend seller.

il 170x135.869487119 krnb Opinie

Kathy Taylor

This is beautiful, and I picked the perfect matching earrings!!! You do perfect beading. I thank you so much. Fast shipping to USA. Thank you so much, Kathy

il 170x135.845635293 b9yk Opinie

Grace Cardiello

So colorful and well made! Love the design. Arrived early and was packed well. Extender helps to fit any wrist size. Love it!

il 170x135.845635881 2dub Opinie

Arrived early. Beautiful work! So intricate and well done! I can’t wait to wear it. Everything arrived safely and was well packed. Love it!

il 170x135.847757033 6mvp Opinie


Even prettier than I expected. Wonderful seller!

il 170x135.828766296 ygz8 Opinie


This is a treasure – beautifully made. I am delighted with it – thank you!

il 170x135.773006797 1ckj Opinie

Chew Xin Yi

Versatile yet durable. I simply loved the mixture of colours which made this bracelet just shined through. You will hear from me again.

il 170x135.772967914 povj Opinie

Seller in making beautiful and creative beads products kept me coming back for more. This bracelets is so gorgeous that the photo don’t do it credit. Beside being so well made, the colours elevated the intensity of this bracelet. Would definitely highly recommend this seller.

il 170x135.773007609 d94o Opinie

natalie sarina

Very beautiful! Shipped in a very timely manner!!! Thank you so much! My Mom loved them (:il 170x135.741801667 r13i Opinie


This is my second pair of the bows. They are really darling. My daughter loved them

il 170x135.741814149 pk90 Opinie

This bracelet is absolutely adorable. Many hours of work to make this bracelet. Highly recommend shop!

il 170x135.741696704 m62v Opinie

This was shipped quickly. The bows are darling and has so much detail. Very happy with item an shop owner!

il 170x135.759600600 nudx Opinie

Very happy with the darling bracelet. Quality of work is very good. Great price too. I highly recommend this shop.

il 170x135.754334649 poa1 Opinie

Very happy with purchase and shop owner. The quality of the work is very good. Shipped quickly. I have already ordered another item from this shop. Highly recommend!

il 170x135.741690936 befe Opinie

Vixen Vinyl

Shipped very fast and arrived just as described

il 170x135.724310752 bd8n Opinie


I love this colorful bracelet

il 170x135.646139500 bc4i Opinie

A beautifully made bracelet that is also so pretty

il 170x135.646248433 7loj Opinie

Nata K

Good quality necklace thanks owner

il 170x135.704980215 99fq Opinie

Kathee Colman

This bracelet is a show stopper. The colors work so well together and the workmanship is superb.

il 170x135.676774622 pqti Opinie

The colors in the bracelet are so vibrant. It is absolutely beautiful.

il 170x135.676888435 cg8n Opinie

Wonderful workmanship, great colors. A beautiful bracelet.

il 170x135.676774348 tiix Opinie

A really pretty bracelet with a great pattern and color work.

il 170x135.676775564 4dbp Opinie


Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhh:-) Super Love it!!!

il 170x135.627146610 mgc2 Opinie

Chew Xin Yi

The bracelet is very pretty and well made. Will definitely order in the future.

il 170x135.633694712 gphn Opinie

Ashley Traynham

Such precious earrings! Great length, and goes with everything!

il 170x135.457149650 32m6 Opinie

I adore these earrings! Perfect length!

il 170x135.604949642 tpbn Opinie

Theresa Munoz

Beautiful golden bracelet! I can wear it casual or dress up. It is lovely. Thank you!?

il 170x135.604942820 qo7p Opinie

So beautiful!! The beadwork is delicate, the colors blend perfectly!!

il 170x135.605045441 3r8o Opinie

Sophie Gergaud

Sent really quickly and the earrings are beautiful! Thanks!

il 170x135.604241691 gkae Opinie

Jennifer Christian

quick delivery, lovely bracelet, fits really well.

il 170x135.595884910 d8c0 Opinie

LiliBijoux – Silver Studio

Beautiful necklace with statement and elegance! Nice choice of colors and excellent finishing! Thank you so much!

il 170x135.540205850 cl1q Opinie


Beautiful set – spectacular colors and workmanship! Thank you!

il 170x135.602290509 6o1b Opinie


Gorgeous earrings. I love the vibrant colors!

il 170x135.569286542 r02g Opinie


Pretty quick delivery for overseas. Lovely piece of jewellery. I would purchase again from this seller.

il 170x135.582425802 ljzw Opinie


air of light/dark blue seed bead earrings. They are gorgeous! Beautifully made and I love the color. The seller was great to work with, and I am very please. Thanks again. 🙂

il 170x135.576929423 9oj6 Opinie


Full satisfaction.Once more respect for artists:-)

il 170x135.546524531 h417 Opinie

Complete satisfaction.:-)Perfect quality:-) thank you very much !!!!!

il 170x135.533702325 ucbp Opinie


This is a gorgeous necklace. I love the way you picked up all the colors in the center stone. Thanks. Gina

il 170x135.522594750 697i Opinie

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