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What is LEGO® Bricktales Game?

LEGO® Bricktales Game is an exciting 3D adventure game for children and adults alike! It combines the creativity of LEGO® building with the exploration of a video game. Players can build their own levels, play through others created by other players, and collect rewards as they progress.

What are the Features?

The LEGO® Bricktales Game has many features that make it a great game for all ages. Players can build and customize their own levels with the level editor, play through other player’s levels, collect rewards, and even battle with other players in the game’s Battle Mode.

How is LEGO® Bricktales Different?

LEGO® Bricktales Game is different from other LEGO® games because it gives players the freedom to build and customize their own levels. It also has a more engaging and interactive story mode, where players can explore and battle their way through various levels.

What Platforms is LEGO® Bricktales Available on?

LEGO® Bricktales is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Players can play on any of these platforms and share their levels with others.

LEGO® Bricktales Game FAQs

Can I play LEGO® Bricktales with Friends?

Yes, you can play LEGO® Bricktales with friends! You can play through levels together, share your levels with friends, and compete in the game’s battle mode.

Is LEGO® Bricktales suitable for all ages?

Yes, LEGO® Bricktales is suitable for all ages. The game is designed to be fun and engaging for both children and adults.

What type of rewards can I earn?

Players can earn coins, bricks, and other rewards as they progress through the game. These rewards can be used to customize and enhance their levels.