How to Write Thank You Letter for Various Purposes with Sample

What is Thank You Letter?

A Thank You Letter is a letter made by someone and addressed to a certain party with the aim of conveying thanks in a more formal way. This Thank You Letter can not only be made on behalf of a person but can also be on behalf of a group, agency, or even a company. The contents of the thank-you notes from thanks for the collaboration, to thanks for the financial assistance that has been given. Because it is included in the type of official letter, we should not be careless in compiling this Thank You Letter.

This letter can be a personal letter or an official letter depending on who made it. A thank you letter that is written personally does not follow the rules for making an official letter. However, if the thank-you letter is written by a group / organization, the writing must follow the official letter format.

How to Make a Thank You Letter Step by Step?

Making a thank you letter is actually not difficult, we only need to pay attention to a few things so that the thank you letter that we send is good and true. If the thank-you letter is made by a group / organization, use formal / official language. Meanwhile, if it is made in person and is also intended for someone’s personal, then it is allowed to use everyday language (non-formal).

In addition, another thing that needs to be paid attention to is to use polite words, not only for this letter, every letter made should use polite language so as not to offend the reader.

Besides that, so that the thank you letter that we make is good and correct, then you also have to know the part or structure of the thank you letter. The parts of the thank you letter are as follows:

  • Letterhead (if made by group / organization).
  • Place and date of the letter.
  • Letter number (if created by group / organization).
  • Attachments (if any).
  • Subject (if created by a group / organization).
  • The person or address of the recipient of the letter.
  • Greetings
  • The main content of the letter is in the form of words of thanks to.
  • Closing
  • Signature

Now by knowing the parts of a thank you letter, of course you will find it easier to write a thank you letter for your various needs. And to make it clearer what the thank you letter looks like, here I have prepared some examples that you can reference.