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Cyber Hook Review
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What is Cyber Hook?

Cyber Hook is an exciting 3D platformer game where you use grappling hooks to swing your way through the cybernetic world. As you progress through the levels, you will need to master the use of your grapple and use the environment to survive. The game features a unique art style, challenging puzzles, and intense boss fights.

What Are The Game Features?

Cyber Hook features unique grappling and swinging mechanics, as well as a variety of weapons and power-ups. You will also be able to upgrade your character with new skills and abilities. The game also features a variety of enemy types and exciting boss battles.

What Platforms Is Cyber Hook Available On?

Cyber Hook is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. The game is also available on the Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

What Is The Price Of The Game?

The game is available for purchase for $19.99 USD.

What Is The Age Rating Of The Game?

The game is rated PEGI 12, which means that it is suitable for players aged 12 and up.

Cyber Hook FAQs

What Genre Is Cyber Hook?

Cyber Hook is a 3D platformer game.

Is There Multiplayer In Cyber Hook?

No, Cyber Hook is a single-player game.

Is Cyber Hook Available On Mobile?

No, Cyber Hook is currently only available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

Do I Need A Controller To Play Cyber Hook?

Yes, a controller is required to play Cyber Hook.