7 Email Bulk Service Features with Top 5 Best Providers

If you’re scaling a business, you’ve probably relied on personal or business email providers like Gmail and Outlook within the past. However, they’re not equipped to manage large volumes of email and supply the info needed to trace performance.

That’s where email bulk service can are available. Discover the key features you ought to find within the top bulk email services and providers on the market.

What is a Email Bulk Service?

Bulk email services are email providers that allow you to send bulk emails to your subscribers. it’s common to use bulk email services for newsletters, advertisements, and company announcements.

Email bulk service facilitate your reach an outsized audience and nurture them one by one. aside from getting direct access to your customer base, you’ll also track your email performance and test different methods to extend clicks and conversions.

In addition, many bulk email services offer automation tools – think workflows and sequences – to assist you progress leads down the funnel and retain your current clients.

Using personal or business email are often successful within the first few months of starting a business, but will quickly become ineffective as you grow.

Reasons to Send and Use Email Bulk Service

Not sure if it is a blast to undertake a bulk email service? You may have a questoins. Are our brands investing in email marketing this quarter/year? If the solution is yes, then that’s an indication that you simply are investing in an email service. Here’s a selected example of once you might send email bulk service to your subscribers:

  • Advertisement

for instance you would like to market a reduction on a selected product or service, sending bulk emails to your customers may be a good way to get sales.

  • Newsletter

does one want to deliver exclusive content to your subscribers? Then newsletters are the thanks to go.

  • Product updates

the simplest thanks to announce a replacement feature or line is via email. you’ll include a preview to create some excitement and include a call-to-action (CTA) for conversions.

  • Announcements

have you ever updated your hours, prices or services? Or there might be a change in your policy. Notifying your subscribers in an email blast is an efficient thanks to spread the word.

With every email you send to subscribers, you’ll be wanting to recollect your goals, your audience, time of day, personalization, and compliance with data protection laws. You want to take a position in an email marketing service, but you are not sure what to seem for – here’s your guide.

7 Best Email Bulk Service Features to Engage Your Subscribers

This is the most feature you ought to search for during a bulk email service. A number of these features will only be available within the premium plan. However, others are going to be included within the standard or free version.

  1. User Behavior Tracking

The number one tool you will need in whatever bulk email service you select is reporting capabilities. Because what is the point of investing some time in designing and sending emails if you cannot see how they perform? You should be ready to track key email metrics, such as:

  • Open rates
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Unique click
  • Click to open rate (CTOR)
  • List rate of growth
  • Bounce rate
  1. Drag and Drop

Drag and drop tools make designing your email easy. This intuitive feature allows you to select a component from the sidebar, like a picture, quote, or button, and drag it to a piece in your email. This will prevent time as you identify the simplest flow for your email and move things around.

  1. Email Segmentation & Personalization

Segmenting your emails ensures that your emails reach the proper people at the proper time. You should search for a bulk email service which will allow you to segment your subscriber list by:

  • Location
  • Actions taken in email
  • Purchase history
  • sort of customer, for example leads vs current customers
  1. Separate Testing

Split testing, also referred to as A/B testing, may be a good way to know what suits your audience. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re struggling to get high open rates and obtain customers to convert. By testing the topic line and different elements within the body of your email, you’ll determine which one works best.

  1. Automation

When you scale your email list, the name of the sport is automation. Let’s say you’ve got a content offer and you would like to send a series of emails to prospects after they download the offer. Automation tools can pre-select which emails to send. It can also filter in what order, and the way many days in each email. Once you’ve completed setup, automation does all the work for you. It is nurturing your customers and moving them into the customer journey.

  1. Design Templates

When designing an email, you’ll take all the assistance you’ll get. Having a design template supported the sort of email you would like to send not only saves time but also ensures you follow email best practices. this is often especially helpful if you’ve got limited experience with email design and are just starting out.

What’s great about having a template is that it’s the inspiration. you’ll customize it to fit your needs, but it provides a blueprint to figure with.

  1. High Email Delivery Rates

Imagine you’re working really hard on an email campaign, and it never reaches your subscriber’s inbox. Frustrating right? Here, high email delivery rates will be very helpful for you.